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What is Brave Caregiving?

Brave Caregiving is imperfect and funny and irreverent.

It means caring for yourself just as much as you care for others.

It means facing your own shit and owning it.

It means never having all the answers.

It means listening to others when you feel like you know better.

It means doing things differently sometimes.

It means not giving in to the voice that’s telling you you’re failing.

It means being scared and doing it anyway.

It means loving hard and doing hard things.

I am a brave caregiver. Will you be brave and join me?


I beg you take courage;
the brave soul
can mend even disaster



The Latest & Bravest Posts

My Bravest Caregiving Moment x2

My two bravest caregiving moments centered around life and death. In December 2015, after my dad’s kidney transplant, he was having pain in his back. This turned out to be Mucor which is an extremely rare fungus found in soil and it had attacked his lungs. He couldn’t fight the infection because of his immunosuppressant […]


About two months after my dad died, the storm of busy had finally mellowed, and Karin and I were finally able to breathe a little. We were out to dinner with work friends about 45 minutes from our house that we shared with Grandpa. We were just diving into exchanging Christmas gifts when my phone […]

Kindness Always Wins

My dad died on December 30, 2015. It was such a long journey getting him healthy and within five months, he was gone. After someone dies, it seems as though everything stops. And then…everything goes into overdrive. Planning the funeral, making sure everyone has information to get here from out of town, making decisions you […]

Embrace your Braveness

Work with me to define what brave caregiving means for you
and how you can overcome your challenges to become a Brave Caregiver.


Brave Caregiving is led by


Jennifer Richey

Certified Life Coach and Certified Caregiving Consultant™

I am glad you are here and I am happy to help you with your caregiving needs. I have 20 years experience working with adults with developmental disabilities, and 10 years caregiving for my father and grandfather, both veterans who have now passed away…




Skills & Specialties

I have the knowledge and experience required to provide compassionate, effective coaching to help you on your caregiving journey.


Whatever you’ve been wishing for…

It’s yours. Contact me if you’re ready to be brave so we can get you back on the path towards your goals and dreams.


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